Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Adora Model Management Reviews

Mark and Emma talk about Adora Model Management

The modelling industry is constantly evolving and clients requirements are becoming ever more diverse. Adora Model Management react to developments in the industry and as such are taking on a wider range of models than ever before. The requirements for each niche of the modelling industry vary greatly and it is important to cater for every niche in order to be able to supply clients with the models they are looking for. Here are two reviews of Adora Model Management from a client and from the model they hired.

Adora Model Management

Firstly, here is the review we received from the client.

Hi Tony, On the day I was a bit worried about things running on time for the shoot because the weather was absolutely dreadful. The radio kept going on about the roads being jammed and the trains being cancelled. I honestly reckon it was the worst day so far this year, as is the way! Thankfully Emma made it and miraculously wasn't soaked to the bone. She seemed tentative at first but Roger had a quick run through the day ahead with her and then she started to relax. It turned out she had left the house an hour and a half early to be certain that she was on time! It was just as well, too because we only had the studio hired for the morning. If all Adora Model Management's models are as professional as this (which in my experience they are) then I look forward to our next campaign together. All the best, Mark.

And here is what Emma had to say.

Hi guys. That was probably the worst commute to work I have had in my whole life. The trains were off and I had to take three buses and walk half a mile to get there! I left early though and think I was on time. I met Roger, the photographer - he says hello - and he ran me through what needed to be done by lunchtime and we basically got dug right in. Despite the horrible weather we finished the shoot with time to spare and Mark said he would see me again, which I think is a good thing right! Looking forward to the next gig. Take care, Emma

If you think you can handle challenges and be the focus of attention in front of the camera, submit your photos to Adora Model Management and we will get in touch with our opinions. Adora Model Management love receiving feedback from our valued clients and models so if you are reading this after a job, please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Adora Model Management Male Porfolios

Adora Model Management Male Porfolios

Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management
A respected modelling agency in the UK and Spain, Adora Model Management are looking for new talent. As we have received modelling portfolios on a daily basis for many years we have seen all the mistakes that models make when compiling their photos. Here are a few tips to make your photo shoots work to your advantage.
Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management
First off, relax your body. Unless told to, don’t keep your arms straight when posing. It’s unnatural looking. A little bend can go a long way to creating movement in the picture and that element of realism and form. The same is also true for legs. In modelling the head shot is a staple ingredient of your portfolio. When having these shot don’t look straight at the camera unless told to. Try using a mixture of head and eye positions, again – imagine yourself in the mirror and that’s what the camera is seeing. Try tilting your neck or looking to the side in an almost profile angle.
Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management
Control the smiling to a grin and even combine it with a frown. Mixing your facial expressions can produce movement and dynamism in your portfolio and lets casting agents see what jobs you would be best at. A general rule though is always do what the photographer tells you. It might take a while to get used to this but it will become instinctive as you get better. Finally, never let yourself get beaten down by a bad audition or a failed casting. If your portfolio is strong and you have the energy a good agent will always come through for you. Find out more about Adora Model Management in this short video and follow Adora Model Management on twitter for modelling news.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Watch the new Adora Model Management Video

New Adora Model Management Video

Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management are a highly regarded modelling agency both in the UK and Spain. They provide a range of models for every client's need and, with an impressive client list, Adora Model Management are the people to talk to for high calibre models. They source models for fashion shows, photographic shoots, glamour photography, commercial shoots, editorial features, and more. Adora Model Management have offices in London, Manchester and also in Spain! They love to keep their models busy, as happy models means happy clients and busy models gain modelling experience quickly. Check out the new video below and feel free to comment! All images are of Adora models.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Adora Model Management Review: Modelling Fitness Tips

Modelling Fitness Tips

Autumn is here!

adora model management
Adora Model Management

Adora Model Management are based in London and Manchester. We represent a wide range of models and are proud to count many well respected brands among our clients. Here we review some tips to help you stay in shape this winter. They should help you fight the urge to comfort eat as the days get shorter and will certainly be useful to anybody interested in modelling.

Slow and steady

Aim to lose a couple of pounds a week to ensure healthy weight loss. Losing weight too quickly can be tough on your system and can make you feel sluggish, drained, and more prone to getting sick. When you drop a lot of weight quickly, you’re actually losing mostly water and muscle, not those handles that all models want rid of. 

Use phone apps

You can use your smartphone to track calorie intake and to check your body mass index. Also, they make great pedometers if you enjoy walking or jogging.

Set goals

You can make short term or long term goals in modelling fitness. Wanting to fit into a bikini for the summer usually doesn’t work as well as wanting to feel more confident or get healthy in general.

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